About Thoth

Introduction to Thoth the Atlantean

In The Emerald Tablets for 2012 & Beyond, many previously unknown facts will be revealed to you. Remember to use your own internal guidance system to see if this information resonates with you as truth. That is the best way to measure what is true or not true for you. Trusting another’s words without first consulting your own inner guidance is not very wise. What sounds good or true to another, may not be coming from the level of truth that you are presently seeking. You need to make the final decision on what you choose to call truth and how you choose to live your life.

Much of the information that has been shared with humanity in the past was not true. Much truth still remains hidden. Now, more than ever, it is time for the truth to be presented to everyone who’s ready to receive it. That is why we are inviting you to come on this journey with us as we reveal what we know to be truth to you.

So, who is Thoth the Atlantean, you may be asking? Many historical documents have categorized me as a god – one who reigns over the human realm with greater capabilities and knowledge than humans. That assumption is not correct. If I am a god, then you are a god for we are made of the same substance. The belief that god reigns supreme is misunderstood by many. Giving one’s power away to an unknown supreme individual is never a good idea. Yes, there is a force that “holds the universe together” and lives within the cells of all sentient beings. That “force” will be referred to throughout this book as “All That Is” and It does not require anything of you.

Because of the knowledge and wisdom that I, Thoth, have gained over many long years of study and exploration, I do have abilities and powers that many humans have not yet mastered. However, you too, can follow in my footsteps if you so choose and learn even more about your as-yet-unknown abilities.

The creation of Planet Earth was and continues to be a grand, magnificent production. There were many individual beings, well-trained in their respective fields, who were involved. This creative venture was like a magical dance that had a beginning, a middle and an end for there is a particular sequence that must be followed in creating such a grand production. Many of you reading this text were among the original creators of Planet Earth. You are some of the ones who are especially concerned with Earth’s welfare right now, for you do not want to see our grand creation destroyed.

Since I, Thoth, am an immortal being who has overcome death, I pass from one form to another only when I will it and even then, not through the Gateway of Death. During my travels throughout eternity, I have taken many forms, depending on where my journey led me. In reality, one’s form serves only a brief purpose which is directly related to the journey one is on at a particular point in time. Formlessness best describes our true state of being.

We are One with All That Is, which encompasses the entire molecular structure of all cosmic existence. This formlessness would be very difficult to put into an actual photograph, so my form will remain unseen by you, until such time that you, too, become One with the molecular structure of our galactic existence. Then we can dance together in radiant cosmic bliss. I have appeared to Ashalyn time and again in her meditations in either a green, hooded, floor-length cloak or as a golden, radiant light being. She recognizes me by my essence, not by my physical features.

In order for you to understand more about me, I’d like to say that I am not an ibis or a baboon and I am not the writer of the emerald tablets. I am also not Hermes, as often described in ancient documents. I was the teacher of Hermes while I was in spirit and he was in physical form, not Hermes himself – just as I can be the teacher of you now. The emerald tablets were written about me, my experiences and innate ability to gather wisdom. They were written by those much wiser than I who are the observers of all that happens in every minute moment of both time and non-time. I call them “The Others.” I have been asked to be the bridge for this divine wisdom to appear on Planet Earth, to remind mankind of their forgotten knowledge so they can access more wisdom and power.

The story told on the twelve emerald tablets began when I was in physical form in Atlantis. Then, after the destruction of Atlantis, which was around 32,000 B.C., I went to Khem (ancient Egypt) where the story continues. The tablets also tell of my travels to and from the Halls of Amenti for many thousands of years. The Halls of Amenti are a place of great learning and renewal far beneath the earth’s crust, where the cold Flower of Light burns. In legend, the Halls of Amenti were known to be the underworld, where the soul passed after death for judgment. That is not a correct assumption.

I thoroughly enjoyed my lifetime in Atlantis. At that time, living to be 5,000 years old was no unusual feat for the general population. My desire then was to learn everything I could about Earth and beyond. As I grew in stature there and in wisdom, my father, Thotme, passed on to me his position as King-Priest of the island of Undal, in the city of Keor, a position I held for almost 14,000 years. Erudite as it may sound, I enjoyed that calling greatly. My mind set had always been one of an overseer – one who easily observed the inner workings of everything that was happening around me. Even then, my level of understanding went well beyond the physical plane. I had explored much beyond and inside of Planet Earth, gaining much knowledge that I look forward to sharing with you.

Where does your attention go when I offer you such an opportunity? If your ears perk up and your heart says, “When do we start?” you may be one of my star pupils. Read this book with a highlighter and pen and you will be greatly educated in the art of understanding All That Is.

Ashalyn has had several lifetimes in Atlantis, as well as in ancient Lemuria. She was thought of quite highly in Atlantis and made a significant difference in the life of the people there. She was kind, generous, intelligent and quite well read on the scientific data of the day. It was her long-held position that conquering the other peoples of the world was completely unnecessary, and even barbaric – a position held by her to this very day. She doesn’t realize how well I know her. Actually there was not much that happened in Atlantis that I did not become aware of at some time or another.

Atlantis was a very advanced civilization that was in existence from approximately 50,000 B.C. to 32,000 B.C. I will always remember its magnificence and grandeur. There were, however, a few powerful people who wanted complete control over Atlantis. They eventually succeeded in using their power in a way that disrupted Universal Law. This created such havoc and imbalance that the islands of Atlantis sank in one tragic day and night, washing away a place of such remarkable beauty, the likes of which have not been seen since.

These unscrupulous ways did not go unnoticed. The elders of Atlantis knew that a tragic event such as that was a possibility. I was told by The Dweller of Unal that if tragedy struck, I was to go to the highest mountain on the island of Undal with the sacred records of Atlantis and the people I knew I could trust. So I did just that as the islands were sinking beneath the sea. From there we went by space ship to a place called Khem, which was later known as Egypt.

The inhabitants there were living in caves. They angrily came after us “with cudgels and spears.” I impressed them with my magic and won their trust. Then together, we began to rebuild their land into an oasis of great beauty. I was King-Priest there also, from around 32,000 B.C. to 22,000 B.C., sharing ancient wisdom and knowledge as I had done once before in Atlantis.

During the first 1,000 years of my reign in Khem, I built the Great Pyramid, which has been erroneously attributed to the Egyptian Pharoah, Khufu. The Pyramid was completed around 29,600 B.C. It should be understood that the Great Pyramid of Egypt was and still is a Temple of Initiation, not a tomb. Also, there was once a great oasis there. Beneath the pyramid I blasted out the entrance to the great Halls of Amenti, a place where I went often.

The Sphinx was also built during that same time, but not under my direction. The beings from the Inner Earth were the architects who built it using sound frequencies. Once the Pyramid was halfway complete, the work began on the Sphinx, which was not finished until around 29,500 B.C. In order for the Pyramid to work correctly, it needed the electromagnetic connection that came from the Sphinx. The Sphinx was, and still is a very powerful central point on the earth that also aligns us with our Galactic Center. The original circuitry has long been disconnected and will not be reconnected until mankind becomes aligned with their Galactic Source and we can live together on Earth in peace once again.

The Sphinx was built in honor of a goddess who was very highly revered at that time. Her name was Sakamaba. She was and still is the guardian of the many sacred pyramid structures that have been built all around the world. She not only protected them, she was the connecting link in their energetic circuitry that was created by their presence on Earth’s many power points. There was much power linked together by her presence in that particular position in Egypt. Every single pyramid ever built in ancient times was connected to her structure, creating a force field that was even accessed by those living off planet. That circuitry has been broken by lack of understanding and neglect, attributing to Earth’s state of chaos and imbalance.

When the time came for me to leave Khem, I placed my sacred records in the Great Pyramid and appointed guards from among my most trustworthy people as guardians of them. In later times, these records were taken care of by their descendants who were also pyramid priests and priestesses. Around 22,000 B.C., when my reign of Khem was complete, I returned once again to the Halls of Amenti.

Not long after I returned to the Halls, some of Khem’s inhabitants began working outside the limits of Universal Law – similar to Atlantis – and a time of great darkness came over the land. That situation was a bit different than in Atlantis, but still resulted in altering the high level of integrity under which the people once lived. Khem’s inhabitants had lost their original desire to live lives based on the knowledge and wisdom I had once given them. Man’s memory of their divine heritage was wavering once again and life became quite difficult.

Shortly thereafter, I was given the emerald tablets by The Others, wise beings who live in the Great Beyond. Upon the emerald tablets was the true story of my life, teachings and travels upon this planet and beyond. That is when I was asked to deliver the emerald tablets to the temple priests in Khem, in hopes of preventing the people from completely forgetting their divine origin. This powerful document was only to be seen by the priests and their initiates who would in turn teach these truths to their people. This knowledge eventually helped the people of Khem to remember their Divine heritage.

Thousands of years later, Khem was in turmoil once again. Around 12,000 B.C., some of the priests there were sent to other parts of the world. At that time, the emerald tablets and other sacred records were taken by them to the Yucatan in Central America. There the priests found a flourishing race, the Mayans, who still remembered much of the ancient wisdom they learned from their Atlantean brothers and sisters. The priests chose to remain there among them.

Many years later, during the early 1500s, the Spaniards conquered the Mayans and took over their lands. The emerald tablets and many other sacred items were placed beneath the altar of one of the great Temples of the Sun in the Yucatan for their protection. The city there was destroyed and eventually abandoned. The many treasures hidden within the Temples remained safe but were forgotten for a long time.

Several hundred years later, Dr. Maurice Doreal was asked to recover the twelve emerald tablets from their ancient hiding place in the Temple of the Sun. Doreal finally discovered them in their Mayan hiding place. He translated them and published them as The Emerald Tablets of Thoth-the-Atlantean in 1939. That book has become very popular among those seeking ancient truth and has been reprinted several times.

Ashalyn and I offer the updated version of that book to you which is now called, The Emerald Tablets for 2012 & Beyond. Please know that it will introduce you to many expansive ways of thinking. Whether you believe it or not, the vibration found within the text will awaken your soul to truths once forgotten. This book should be read many times for only then can the true meaning be understood. A casual reading will give you glimpses of its beauty. A more intensive study will open even more wisdom to you.

May curiosity lead you to excellence,

~ Thoth the Atlantean